Event Registration for US NTL. Am. Team Champ. South (Open)

Event Summary

Name: US NTL. Am. Team Champ. South (Open)  
Desc: FORMAT: (One open section) 5 Round Swiss, Minimum 4 players, maximum 5 players on a team. A team's rating is the average rating of the team's top 4 players' ratings (Jan 2024 Supplement). Every team's rating must be < 2200 (strictly less than 2200). Up to 4 players can play in a given round; players must sit in rating order. Winning team qualifies for National Playoff ========================================== ROUNDS/TIME-CONTROLS/BYES ____________ 2-DAY SCHEDULE: Saturday 3 rounds, Sunday 2 rounds Saturday G/80: d5 (round 1 only), Saturday: G/90 +15 incr. (rounds 2&3) Sunday: G/90 +15 incr. (rounds 4&5) _______________________________ 3-DAY SCHEDULE: Friday 1 round, Saturday 2 rounds, Sunday 2 rounds Friday G/80: d5 (round 1 only), Saturday: G/90 +15 incr. (rounds 2&3) Sunday: G/90 +15 incr. (rounds 4&5) ½-point byes (for the whole team only) are available for one round ========================================== TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (Non-Scholastic) _____ ENTRY FEE PER PLAYER: $65 per by 1/31, $75 later, Special team entry fee (one entry must be made for all players) $225 by 1/31, $255 later. ========================================== PRIZES/AWARDS: Team Championship (Non-Scholastic) Special commemorative chess clocks or chess board/pieces: The top scorer on: Board 1, Board 2, Board 3, Board 4 The top 4 boards of: The top team, Under prizes for teams u1900, u1600, u1300 Trophies/Plaques: Top: Senior Team, (All 50 years & above as of 2/24/2024), Industry Team (same company), College Team (same school), K-12 School Team (same school), All-female Team, and Club Team. Alternates will receive trophy/plaque for any team listed above. Other: Remembrance Lapel Pin for all players entered into 2024 US National Amateur Team South Championship ========================================= REGISTRATION: 1) Current USCF membership is required 2) There will be no on-site registration, only via on-line at Chessregister.com, or mailed checks Deadlines: On-line/Mailed to get normal entry fee 1/31/2024, deadline for later registration is 2/17 Address: Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 (Make checks payable to The Villages Chess Club) Registration Help: Don't have a team? You can still play. Need player(s) for your team? Contact us at email below The registration may close anytime (whenever we reach capacity under health and safety procedures/practical judgement ========================================== Organizer Email: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com =================================== SCHEDULE: Team Championship (Non-Scholastic) 3-day: 1st Rd. Fri. 6:00pm Rds. 2-5 Sat. 1:00pm, 5:30pm, Sun. 9:30am, 2:45pm 2-Day 1st Rd. Sat. 9:00am Rds. 2-5 Sat. 1:00pm, 5:30pm, Sun. 9:30am, 2:45pm ====================================== TVCC will enter into agreements for discounts: green highlight indicate agreements in place. Will be updated and available on Website www.TheVillagesChessClub.org under EVENTS tab, Additional information will be posted to the Website: Alternates, unrated players, teams rating average, playing order, assignment of colors, Captains responsibility, etc., Scholastic age players must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
Location: Laurel Manor Recreation Center 1985 Laurel Manor Drive, The Villages
Starts: Friday 23 Feb 2024
Ends: Sunday 25 Feb 2024
Registration Ends: Friday 23 Feb 2024
Rounds: 5
Organizer Name: The Villages Chess Club
Organizer eMail: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com