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Name: NORTH FLORIDA OPEN - Jacksonville
Desc: PRIZES: $2500 b/o 70 full entries (scholastics=1/2 entry) 60% Guaranteed! Location: Address: 9150 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256 ****************************************************************** 3 SECTIONS: Champions / U1550 / U900 2-Day Schedule 5 round Swiss Event G/90;d5 (1st round) / G120;d5 (2-5 rounds) 1-Day Saturday Scholastic (U700) G/25;d5 in one section 4 round Dual Rated (accelerated pairing in first 2 rounds due to 24 players registered as of 7/11). ****************************************************************** Ratings Note: We will recognize the USCF July Supplement released on June 20th. Chessregister is pinging against the June Supplement released on May 16th and individual ratings my may be different. ****************************************************************** ENTRY FEEs: $80 until Friday July 13th @ 11pm (1 day scholastic is $40). $85 day of the event only until 30 minutes before round 1. All registrations after that will be paired in round 2. ****************************************************************** PRICE INCREASES: Prices increase +$10 on June 15th, July 8th & July 14th. Scholastics increase by +$5 on the same dates. ****************************************************************** Scholastic only section entry fees are 50% of prices listed above when 1-Day Scholastic section is selected at registration. JAXCC members obtain $5 discount using DISCOUNT CODES: JAXMO5. See "VIEW AVAILABLE DISCOUNTS" link. At bottom of registration GM/IM/FM free entry until July 8th via email. $75 Withheld from winnings. ****************************************************************** PRIZES: $2500 in prize money (b/o 70 full entries /scholastics 50%) 60% guaranteed. Champions: 1st($450), 2nd($350), 3rd($250), U2100($150), U1900($125), U1700($100). Reserve#1-U1650: 1st($300), 2nd($200), 3rd($150), U1300($125), U1100($100). Reserve#2-U1000: 1st($150), 2nd($100). Scholastic U1000: Trophies to Top 5 Scholastic U500: Trophies to Top 5 UNRATEDS limited to $100 unless in places in Champions sections and cannot win an underprize must place.. Trophies to all section winners and top 5 scholastic section placement. ****************************************************************** ROUND TIMES: 2-DAY SCHEDULE: All rounds are G/90;d5. Registration Opens at 8:30 - closes at 9:30. Round 1 starts at 10 am. 2 day schedule Top 3 sections: Saturday@ 10a, 2p, 6:00p / Sunday 10a & 2:00p. 1-DAY SATURDAY SCHOLASTIC: 10a round 1 starts with all rounds following shortly afterward. AWARDS @ 2PM ****************************************************************** Hotel Info: Hotel Indigo Tapestry Park, Jacksonville, FL 32256 for $89/night ****************************************************************** Mail-in entries price by postmark against above dates JAXCC 7643 Gate Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Email jaxchessclub@gmail.com with any questions. ******************************************************************
Location: Jacksonville, FL 32256
Starts: Saturday 13 Jul 2019
Ends: Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Registration Ends: Saturday 13 Jul 2019 6 a.m.
Rounds: 5
Organizer Email: JAXCC - Jacksonville Chess Club