Event Registration for 2020 THE VILLAGES OPEN

Event Summary

Desc: DATES: FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 1, 2020 ************************************************************** NO RESIDENCE OR AGE RESTRICTIONS; OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS ************************************************************** USCF Regular Rated 5-round Swiss chess tournament; 2-DAY or 3-DAY OPTION; 5 ROUND SWISS w/ 6 SECTIONS; 2000 & OVER, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400; U1200 TIME CONTROLS; U1200 - U1800 G/90;d5 2000 & OVER, U2000 G/90; inc./15 TIME CONTROL 2 DAY OPTION 1st ROUND ALL SECTIONS G/60;d5 ************************************************************** FORMAT: The only ratings accepted for pairing purposes will be the officially published ratings found in the latest USCF Golden Database as downloaded from their website. Two (2) half-point Byes are allowed, but must be requested at least an hour before the respective round. ************************************************************** ROUNDS (3 Day Schedule) : Friday 5:30 PM; Saturday 1:00 PM, 5:00 PM; Sunday 9:15 AM and 1:30 PM ROUNDS (2 Day Schedule) :Sat. 9:30 AM,1:00 PM and 5:00PM Sunday 9:15 AM and 1:30 PM ************************************************************** ENTRY FEE: $35 , additional $10 for late registration ************************************************************* PRIZES: (Based on 70 Entries) 2000 & Over :1st place $350 2nd $150 U2000:1st place $200 2nd place $85 U1800:1st place $150 2nd place $65 U1600: 1st place $100 2nd place $45 U1400: 1st place $75 2nd place $30 U1200: 1st place $50 2nd place $20 ************************************************************** REGISTRATION: Active USCF membership is required. Online entries at www.ChessRegister.com; LIMITED TO FIRST 90 ENTRIES. Registration confirmed upon receipt of paid entry fee. ONLY ADVANCED REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED, THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE REGISTRATION AVAILABLE; Registration deadline Saturday, February 22, 2020 at noon; additional $10 through February 26, 2020. Mail-in reg. (deadline date Feb-15-2020): send to Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 ************************************************************** AMENITIES: Wheelchair accessible. Coffee and ice water provided. Refrigerator and microwave available for use. ************************************************************** CONTACT INFO: Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 Phone: 407-497-2261 Email: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com ************************************************************** Please bring a clock, set, and board.No computers *************************************************************** Parents/guardians must accompany minor age players/guests and maintain total responsibility at all times. ************************************************************** Note : Sections may have limitations to the qty. of entries (TBD).Tournament Director reserves the right to combine/modify sections/prizes depending on entries. Updates will be provided as registration proceeds via e-mail. Players can move up to the next section if their USCF rating from the Golden Data Base at the time of the tournament is within 40 points of the next higher section. ***************************************************************
Location: Laurel Manor Recreation Center,1985 Laurel Manor Drive, The Villages, FL 32162
Starts: Friday 28 Feb 2020
Ends: Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Registration Ends: Saturday 22 Feb 2020 noon
Rounds: 5
Organizer Email: The Villages Chess Club