Event Registrants for The Villages Quad Chess Tournament Jan 2018

Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Section Schedule Byes
Michael Damey 11509673 2031 QUADS
OTTO MORALES 15235934 1883/09 QUADS
John Estock 11378897 1822 QUADS
Frank Pan 14931171 1731/24 QUADS
Amy Xing 15473808 1568 QUADS
Peter Hansen 16417385 1550/09 QUADS
Andrew xing 15428101 1509 QUADS
Monroe Steindorf 12415795 1400 QUADS
Gary Astrologes 12393791 1378 QUADS
Joseph Schultz 12588253 1339 QUADS
Mike Moschos 15931653 1293 QUADS
Raymond Mayer 10302030 1234 QUADS
James Lamatina 16123296 1119 QUADS
Melvin Brown 12536528 1058 QUADS
Omar Zia 16416768 1009/06 QUADS
Ileana Menendez 16295941 954/15 QUADS
Fred Rodenbeck 16226540 578/06 QUADS
Carolyn McClure 16344544 294/25 QUADS
Mike Haessly 16447928 QUADS
Stanley Knep 16568332 QUADS
Scott Leslie 12492954 QUADS
Jim Ring 16568326 QUADS
Robert C North 16536843 QUADS

Event Summary

Name: The Villages Quad Chess Tournament Jan 2018
Desc: __ JANUARY 27, 2017__ SATURDAY ___ ___THE VILLAGES QUAD TOURNAMENT___ USCF Dual Rated 3-round Quad chess tournament; Game/60 min; delay 5 sec.; affects both Regular and Quick USCF ratings. FORMAT: Quad sections will consist of 4 players each, of approx. ratings when possible and paired using Crenshaw round robin pairings. No Byes are allowed. If the total of players is not divisible by 4, then the lowest rated remnant players will be assigned to a Swiss pairing section. ROUNDS are at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM. RESTRICTIONS: Lake, Sumter and Marion County residents MUST reside in The Villages or be related to a Village resident and qualify for the required guest pass through them. ENTRY FEE: $5 / PRIZES: Awarded to winners of each section, based on entries. REGISTRATION: Active USCF membership is required. Online entries at www.ChessRegister.com; limited to first 30 entries. Registration confirmed upon receipt of paid entry fee. Mail-in reg. (deadline date Jan-22-2017): send to Herbert Menendez / 3133 Jemima Ave. / The Villages, FL 32163; Onsite reg. starts 9 AM. Cash only accepted at the tournament site. Please bring a clock, set, and board. AMENITIES: Wheelchair accessible. Coffee and ice water provided. Refrigerator and microwave available for use. CONTACT INFO: Email: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com. Phone: 352-203-4935.
Location: Captiva Recreation Center / 658 Pinellas Place / The Villages, FL 32163 Tel 352-259-7422
Starts: Saturday 27 Jan 2018
Ends: Saturday 27 Jan 2018
Registration Ends: Saturday 27 Jan 2018 10 a.m.
Rounds: 3
Organizer: The Villages Chess Club