Event Registrants for THE VILLAGES SWISS - Nov 2023 *

--- OPEN -minimum 1500 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Nate Ziegler 2016
Alan Schalk 2000
jerry yao 1998
Phillip Durand 1996
Om Mishra 1992
Sam Sokhanvari 1960
Peter Ramos 1871/07
Ayush Roy 1840
Aakash Jani 1840
Aashish Jagan 1826
Leo Bonnell 1812
William Marsh 1744
Analaya Muneepeerakul 1740
Jesse Deng 1729
Kenneth Bastin 1711
William Hardison 1708
Prajit Manivannan 1705
Aarna Warekar 1679
David Liu 1667
Herbert Menendez 1659
Daniel Yang 1618
Bill Putnam 1583
Nick Liu 1575
Ishir Kumar 1540
Grace Yang 1537
Kevin Liu 1523
Bavi Whale 1485
--- Section B U1600-minimum 1000 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Vincent Centoze 1566
Kyle Saravia 1433/14
Jill Rennie 1424
Richard Liu 1411
Monroe Steindorf 1404
Kevin Pryor 1401
John Jankowsky 1333
Brian Lee Morris 1314
Dean Johnson 1303
Woody Bozelle 1285/21
Mike Moschos 1207
Scott A Leslie 1200
Joseph Schultz 1200
Nitin Warekar 1145
Ellen Wanek 1068
Jim Ring 1044/18
John Pierce
--- Section C U1100 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Zachary Camacho 1075/18
Dave Hardison 1059/09
Herbert Lim 1005
Pradosh Swain 969
Omar Mills 913
Mark Gao 903
Robert Connell 855/18
Roy Deng 820
Jackson Blouet 782
Anaya Atara 756
Aanvi Warekar 713
Mason Stauffer 567/04
Logan Wilson
Mason Myers
Kirk Ziegler
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: THE VILLAGES SWISS - Nov 2023  
Desc: Saturday, November 25th 2023 ************************************************************** USCF Dual Rated 3-round Swiss chess tournament; Time Control: G/60 d0; affects both Regular and Quick USCF ratings. ************************************************************** FORMAT: 3 Swiss sections: OPEN (minimum rating 1500); Section B (Rating U1600); Section C (Rating U1000); The only ratings accepted for pairing purposes will be the officially published ratings found in the latest USCF Golden Database as downloaded from their website. When registering, please select the section that matches your officially published rating. No Byes are allowed. ************************************************************** ROUNDS are at 9:30 AM, 12:00 PM, and 2:15 PM, please arrive NLT 9:15am ************************************************************** RESTRICTIONS: Lake, Sumter and Marion County residents MUST reside in The Villages or be related to a Village resident and qualify for the required guest pass through them. Guest passes for eligible Non-Villagers will be arranged by the organizers. Non-Villagers from Lake, Sumter and Marion cannot register. ************************************************************** ENTRY FEE: $25 ************************************************************** PRIZES (based on 60 players): Open 1st Place $275; 2nd Place $140; 3rd Place $70 / U1600 1st Place $185; 2nd Place $90; 3rd Place $45 / U1100 1st Place $75; 2nd Place $50; 3rd Place $25 Trophies: 1st place per section ************************************************************** REGISTRATION: Active USCF membership is required. Online entries at www.ChessRegister.com; LIMITED TO FIRST 60 ENTRIES. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of paid entry fee. ONLY ADVANCED REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED, THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE REGISTRATION AVAILABLE; Registration deadline: Thursday, September 26, 2019; Note: Other payment arrangements other than through ChessRegister can be accommodated. Mail-in reg. (deadline: November 22, 2019): send to Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 ************************************************************** AMENITIES: Wheelchair accessible. Coffee and ice water provided. Refrigerator and microwave available for use. Bring a sandwich or snack since there is only a 30-minute break after Round 1. ************************************************************** CONTACT INFO: Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 Phone: 407-497-2261 Email: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com Website: www.TheVillagesChessClub.org ******************************************************************* ----- Please bring a clock, set, and board.------------------------ ----- Parents must accompany scholastic players------------- A section will be closed at any time to ensure the balancing of all sections in a relative manner.
Location: Rohan Recreational Center, 850 Kristine Way The Villages, FL 32163 (352) 674-8400
Starts: Tuesday 24 Oct 2023
Ends: Friday 24 Nov 2023
Registration Ends: Friday 24 Nov 2023
Rounds: 3
Organizer Name: The Villages Chess Club
Organizer eMail: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com