Event Registrants for Gainesville Scholastic Game/30 September *

--- Under 600 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Isaac Zhang 30675355 562/08 OAK HALL SCHOOL
Nora Thomas 30199086 521 Oak Hall
Rhett West 30157003 512 OAK HALL SCHOOL
Wyatt Justice 30677398 502/05 OAK HALL SCHOOL
Andrew Zhao 17237363 344/09 Kimball Wiles
Asher Austin 30677386 105/05 OAK HALL SCHOOL
Mark Wang 30675326 OAK HALL SCHOOL
Austin Yang 30672705 Williams Elementary
Jayden Wu 30699612 Williams Elementary
Alfred Yu 30709729 Wiles
Adan Qiu 30699432 millhopper montessori school
Marty Yu 30675655 Chiles
Arnav Tripathi 30570889 Kimball Wiles elementary
Alice Ding 30689773 Williams Elementary
Leo Xu Williams Elementary School
James Du 30149139 Lawton Chiles
Sanjoli Ghosh 30686774 Goldsboro elementary magnet school
Gargi Tripathi 30571075 Kanapaha middle school
--- Over 600 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Mihai Holcomb 30445182 504/14 OAK HALL SCHOOL
Pradosh Swain 17237378 316/23 Meadowbrook
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: Gainesville Scholastic Game/30 September
Desc: The Game/30 events are designed for players hoping to gain tournament experience! More seasoned players should also check out the Game/45 events. ************************************************************** USCF Dual-Rated 4-round tournament; All Rounds are Game in 30 minutes with 5 second delay. ************************************************************** SECTIONS: Over 600 and Under 600.

Unrated players should register for Under 600. ************************************************************** ROUNDS: 1:00PM and then ASAP for each section. ************************************************************** ENTRY FEE: $15. Registration ends Sep 15th at 10pm, or when full. ************************************************************** PRIZES: Trophies and medals will be awarded! ************************************************************** REGISTRATION: Active USCF membership is required. Limited to 20 players. The ONLY way to register is online at www.ChessRegister.com. There will be NO on-site registration. ************************************************************** TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER & DIRECTOR: Logic Lab of Gainesville, FL, www.logiclabgainesville.com ************************************************************** Pieces, boards, and clocks will be provided.
Location: Logic Lab, 2321 NW 41st Street, Suite A-2, Gainesville FL
Starts: Saturday 17 Sep 2022
Ends: Saturday 17 Sep 2022
Registration Ends: Thursday 15 Sep 2022 noon
Rounds: 4
Organizer Email: Logic Lab of Gainesville