Event Registrants for KAVA SOCIAL CHESS CLUB - Team Tactics Tournament 2024 *

--- U2200-Unrated Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes Team [Avg Rating] **
Benjamin Sisler 1740 Regicidal Reckoning [1740]
Rajakumar Venugopalan 1521/19 Newbies [1417]
Ramkumar Kalidoss 1436/04 Newbies [1417]
Srinivas Chittibomma 1385 Newbies [1417]
Rameshbabu Lakshmanasamy 1326/20 Newbies [1417]
Harold Gonzalez 1427 Regicidal Reckoning [1291]
Stephen Loftus 1358/22 Regicidal Reckoning [1291]
Brian Bellamy 1088 Regicidal Reckoning [1291]
Alex Galante Peeking Bishops [1291]
Jakob Sloan 1625 FGCU Eagles [1272]
Joseph Layrisson 1187/24 FGCU Eagles [1272]
Xavier Banos 1004/09 FGCU Eagles [1272]
Christopher Eaton FGCU Eagles [1272]
Joseph McMahon 1245/13 Peaking Bishops [1113]
Andrew Huxtable 1171/07 Peaking Bishops [1113]
Derek Leyrer 1048/13 Peaking Bishops [1113]
Alexander Maguire 987 One Knight Stand [1113]
Gabriel Moskowitz 918 Zugzwang Zealots [918]
Juan Brutti 803/07 Zugzwang Zealots [803]
Jonathon Quintela 725/09 Zugzwang Zealots [725]
Omar Cruz 915 One Knight Stand [704]
Albert Parente 705/20 One Knight Stand [704]
Brione Adams 492/05 One Knight Stand [704]
Joseph Farabee Knight Owls [704]
jennifer stegman 1025 Lizard Lovers [667]
Safari Swanson 725/08 Lizard Lovers [667]
Adil Oyango 252/05 Lizard Lovers [667]
Nicholas Joyner Lizard Lovers [667]
Giovanni Santos 531/10 Nerdvana [476]
Amanda Curtis 475/10 Nerdvana [476]
Diego Davila 473/09 Nerdvana [476]
Samantha Julien 427/20 Nerdvana [476]
Josh Silvani Knight Owls [0]
Steve Montanez Knight Owls [0]
Devon Fraser Knight Owls [0]
Cameron Rae Zugzwang Zealots [0]
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)
** Average team rating. Includes no more than top four rated team members

Event Summary

Name: KAVA SOCIAL CHESS CLUB - Team Tactics Tournament 2024  
Desc: Kava Social Chess Club Team Tactics Tournament (Players age 18+ only, venue rules)

Location and Address:
Kava Social Club Tea Shop 
540 13th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205

Date and time:
Registration starts at 9am
Round 1 begins at 10am EST

USCF Rated
Time Control: G25/D5
Limited Clocks and boards provided; bring your own if you have them!

Registration Fees:
$40 before event per Team
$60 On site per Team
(Please purchase an item from the Tea shop to help with venue costs)

4 players per Team; Players will sit from highest to lowest level based on USCF ratings. No substitutes will be allowed for this event.

Trophies and cash prizes for the following categories: (Prize money TBD based on registration, increases with more teams signing up)

Guaranteed Prize money: $750
U2200 $400 per team
U1500 $250 per team
U1000 $100 per team

Players on team can't exceed max rating per section
Example: Team A competing for U1500 category must not have any players Rated above 1500 USCF.
Using published ratings from the USCF Website.

Parking garage and parking lot off Tamiami Trail and 6th Ave W


Club Instagram:
Location: 540 13th St W Bradenton, FL 34205 United States
Starts: Saturday 11 May 2024
Ends: Saturday 11 May 2024
Registration Ends: Saturday 11 May 2024
Rounds: 5
Organizer Name: Kava Social Chess Club
Organizer eMail: kavasocialchess@gmail.com