Event Registrants for 2021 OTB Gambit Scholastic Spring Tournament **

--- K-12 Open Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Logan Borghi 16597077 1856 Archimedean Upper Conservatory
Aidan Pevida 16461744 1751 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Benjamin Nemelka 30019548 1738/04 Georgetown Preparatory School
Quan Tanksley 16600140 1690 Dillard high school
Edgar A Rodriguez 14865422 1667 St. Brendan High School
Quintin Tanksley 16600113 1653 Dillard high school
Rion Okuno 16978387 1593 Falcon Cove Middle
John Ligotti 16782771 1558 FLVS
--- K-12 U1500 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Matthew Johnson 16703970 1358 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Diego Ferragut 30103091 1352/07 Sweetwater Elementary
Savio Marques 16793477 1325 Cypress Bay High
Thalassinos Mitsou 16868623 1152 Archimedean Middle Conservatory
Rahul Kumar 16646104 1079 Alexander Montessori School
Avery Villasuso 16853395 1004 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Alejandro Munilla 17273963 551/15 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Nicolás Alvarez Demalde 30119981 MAST Academy
Aaron Gold 17221131 Gulliver Prep
Jack Thaon d'Arnoldi 30108782 French American School Miami
--- K-12 U1000 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Ved Vanga 17290505 901/06 John b Dey
Raahee Singh 16393565 870/19 Fruit Cove Middle School
Igor Galchun 17075373 752 Wider Horizon School, Spring Hill
Yegorii Galchun 17075367 736 Wider Horizon School, Spring Hill
Andres Hoyos 17173148 403 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Matthew Romero 30103086 205/07 Sweetwater Elementary
Aiden Mendieta 16744195 143/11 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Diego Espinosa 30130334 Christopher Columbus High School
Eduardo Carlos Costa 30082764 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Armando Cruz 30100289 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
JUAN DANIEL ROA ALEGRIA 30106251 1,5 Bishop Verot
Carlos Amaro 30127935 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
Emilio Esteban Melendez Rodriguez 30098924 Park Vista Community High School
Stephen Cheng 30041099 Pines Charter West Elementary School
Alexandre van Lidth 30070108 Ransom Everglades
Pihu Trivedi 17330290 Equestrian Trail Elementary
Ian Lam 30093375 Archimedean Academy
Eduardo Colitto 30130664 Belen Jesuit Preperatory School
** Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: 2021 OTB Gambit Scholastic Spring Tournament
Desc: The link to the mandatory form is: https://arsl.at/gb7miq ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** Divisions (5 rounds for every tournament) ******************************************************************** U1000 & U1500 & Open Tournaments ******************************************************************** This tournament has an entrance fee of $30 by February 26, 2021. The on-site fee is $35. It would have a time control of 25 minutes with a 5-second delay (G / 25 : D 5). There would be first, second, and third-place trophies for each division. In order to enter the Open division, you have to be at least 1300 rated. ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** Procedures ******************************************************************** Everyone would arrive at the main entrance where someone will greet them, take their temperature, check that they answered the questions about COVID (if not, they would be asked there), and be pointed in the right direction as to where to go and at what time for their tournaments. Each person would be sent an email (which they used to register) each round which states the pairings. The waiting area is to be determined with everyone properly socially distanced. While people are entering the hotel, we ask that everyone is socially distanced and this rule will be enforced. If people are not socially distanced while entering the hotel, the tournament will be delayed. Lunch Services There will be an interval of 45 minutes in between the third and fourth rounds which will be allotted for lunch. Document for no liability There is a document of no liability which you will have to be mandatorily signed before attending the event. ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** COVID - 19 Precautions ******************************************************************** Each group of 2 people playing at a chessboard will be properly socially distanced from the other groups of players playing on chess boards. Spectators will have to be socially distanced and there will be staff members there who will enforce this rule. We would be using scan thermometers to check everyone’s temperature and make sure that they are not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID - 19. We have a questionnaire that all of the attendees would have to fill out that asks questions pertaining to possible symptoms of COVID - 19. We will sanitize the boards, pieces, clocks (the attendees would have to sanitize their own clocks), and tables before the tournament begins. We will be providing gloves at the event which will be mandatorily worn during the tournaments.
Location: 5101 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126
Starts: Saturday 27 Feb 2021
Ends: Saturday 27 Feb 2021
Registration Ends: Saturday 27 Feb 2021 midnight
Rounds: 5
Organizer Email: Gambit Chess