Event Registrants for JACKSONVILLE: 2019 Florida NORTH Regional Championship **

--- K-12 Championship Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Evan Waters 15919876 1664 homeschooled
Aron Cheng 16073381 1547 Stanton College Prep
Connor Fuhrman 16621921 1239/14 Nease
Eyal Farber 16384817 1067 Free Range Homeschool Co-op
Aakash Madadi 16253121 785 Stanton College Prep
Nicholas Phillips 16967921 Nease High school
--- K-5 Championship Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Advait Nair 15900267 1320 Liberty Pines Academy
Agrim Kumar 16383244 1096 Jacksonville Beaches Elementary
Daniel Fellerhoff 15546257 970 Lee Academy for Gifted Education
anay gupta 16619440 898 oak hall
Jeremy Heberer 16281873 743 Homeschool
Jason Zhang 16415676 741 oak hall
Brian Ketteringham 16469536 542/09 St. Paul's Catholic School
Jasmine Elkotaney 16672960 524 oak hall
Eric Herbst 16620452 494 Timberlin Creek Elementary
Shereen Elkotaney 16672954 486 oak hall
Martina Celis 16645075 453 oak hall
Michael Tomkovich 16620431 273/05 Assumption Catholic Church
Kalyani Anil 16613743 110/08 Durbin Creek Elementary
Luka Popic Hendricks Avenue Elementary School
James Kachergus 16954877 St. Paul's Catholic School
Nathaniel Figueroa 16956428 Florida School Deaf & Blind
Khayree Lofton 16956393 Florida School Deaf & Blind
Isabella Chadbourne 16954814 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
--- K-8 Championship Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Brian Bird 15768143 1286 oak hall
Dominick Dillon 16759904 1254/21 Homeschool
Ethan Wang 15684041 963 Morgan
Yiwen Lu 16088048 946 oak hall
Chris Zoidis 16410753 939 oak hall
Kevin Reeves 15534391 911 oak hall
Shreya Veeravalli 16082981 797 Fruit Cove Middle
Analaya Muneepeerakul 16128815 712 Expressions Learning Arts Academy
Siddharth Bandaru 16271965 551 Julia Landon Middle School
Hayes Bettman 16511507 548/20 Kirby Smith
ADVAIT KIRAN 16444248 472 Fruitcove middle school
Keegan MacLean 16498821 437/05 Landon Middle School
Gabriella Pettus 16892602 Julia Landon
Aadithi Arjun 16947577 Julia Landon College Prep
Quinn Gray 16945372 Julia Landon Middle School
Abhinav Sriram 16918660 Julia Landon College Prep
Maanushree Thilak Raj 16740138 Fruit Cove middle school
Gavin Stephens 16901633 Julia Landon College Preparatory
Zander Vigil 16911390 Julia Landon College Prep
Michael White Julia Landon College Prep
--- K-3 Championship Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Bavithran Chandrahasan 16484705 940 twin Lakes Elementary
Connor Ringlehan 16477391 682 oak hall
Isaac Jayendran 16487382 668 Saint Simons Elementary, SSI, GA
Ishir Kumar 16761946 654 oak hall
john henry Lebrun 16747483 642 oak hall
Maanya Rao 16467702 579 oak hall
Shreyan Mola 16655600 469 Oak Hall
Saanvi Chinthalapani 16720878 360/08 Timberlin Creek Elementary School
Avinash Nataraj 16672948 332 oak hall
Iris BARMPOUTI 16123688 325 oak hall
reegan anilraj 16874653 167/04 duval charter school
Ezra Sawicki 16775842 133/09 Williams Elementary
Lindy Heberer 16619303 122/15 Homeschool
Vedanth Thilak Raj 16740123 Durbin Creek Elementary School
Andrew Winter 16943767 The Bolles School
Aarna Warekar 16806496 Valley Ridge Academy
Dino Jeudy Florida School Deaf & Blind
Kiefer Smith 16948565 River City Science Academy Mandarin
--- K-1 Championship Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Henry Thomas 16790331 496 oak hall
Athma Reddy 16672933 487 oak hall
Lucas Frady 16806350 330/04 Providence
Michael Rodriguez 12826336 203/25 Wards Creek Elementary
Allexander BODENDORFER 16672981 137 oak hall
Svara Cherabuddi 16802246 109/07 oak hall
Advaith Kandam Durbin Creek Elementary
Alon Farber 16947508 Free Range Homeschool Co-op
Aadarsh Sundarapandian 16828605 Jacksonville Country Day School
** Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: JACKSONVILLE: 2019 Florida NORTH Regional Championship
Desc: Are you the next Champion of the North? This warm-up event recognizes the Scholastic Champion of the North in our state. The United States Chess Federation recognizes the F.C.A. as the only organization that can crown a Champion for the State of Florida. The state scholastic championship will be held during the March 1-3rd weekend in Orlando. ************************************************************ DATE: Saturday, February 16, 2019 LOCATION: 11083 Nurseryfields Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256Holiday Inn off I-295 across from IKEA. VENUE: Ballroom serves as a separate playing hall. No spectators will be allowed inside after start of the round. SKITTLES AREA: YES. Separate/dedicated skittles room (hangout). ************************************************************ SECTIONS(5): K-1, K-3, K-5, K-8 & K-12 ROUNDS(4), 1st round starts@ 9:30, 1st 2 Rounds G/30;d5, Final 2 Rounds @G/45;d5. All subsequent rounds start shortly after the previous one. Chess sets will be provided. Bring a chess clock, if you have one. ************************************************************ CHECK-IN before 9:15. No players will be paired in 1st round without checking before 9:15 cutoff. They will wait and be paired in Round 2. ************************************************************ AWARDS: Trophies for Top 5 Individuals & Top 3 School in each section (school = 2 players min). Financial stipends for top players who subsequently attend the Florida State Scholastic Championship in March. Medals for K-1 participants only. ************************************************************ HOTEL: Special rate of $99+ CALL this hotel directly not the national number. This rate is being locally managed. You must speak to Courtney or Gabriela 904-854-8000 and mention “Chess tournament”. A small block of rooms at this price. Call and reserve now before Feb 15th. ************************************************************ MUST READ SECTION: Registration requirements: USCF membership is required to play. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP IN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. ALL PLAYERS MUST JOIN USCF AND BE CURRENT. Chessregister will prompt to you pay new member or renew at registration. Florida Chess Association membership is not required to play. ************************************************************ INCOMPLETE PAYMENTS: Chessregister only shows the names of registered players on the events page. If you cannot find your player, you did not complete the registration process. It has three parts and all must be completed. Player entry data, review and confirm data and then payment screen. Some people stop at clicking the CONFIRM button. Chessregister will send an email saying they are registered without having completed the payment screen. We will notify you if this happens and payment is expected promptly or your player will not be paired in the tournament. That player may have to wait until the 2nd round if they come to the tournament in that condition. ************************************************************ Chief Tournament Director - Kevin Pryor, USCF SENIOR TD. Asst. Chief TD - George Foote, USCF Local TD E-MAIL: kevin@scholasticchess.org PHONE: 904-607-9111 ************************************************************ Host/Organizer: ScholasticChess.Org is an affiliate of The Florida Chess Association, Inc and authorized to run this event for the FCA. All entry fees go to the FCA. FCA is responsible to pay any stipends earned, not ScholasticChess.Org.
Location: Holiday Inn I-295 11083 Nurseryfields Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Starts: Saturday 16 Feb 2019
Ends: Saturday 16 Feb 2019
Registration Ends: Saturday 16 Feb 2019 8 a.m.
Rounds: 4
Organizer Email: Florida Chess Association, Inc.