Event Registrants for Creekside Open 7-5 *

--- U1100 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Felix Palazuelos 753
Arjun Contractor-Bali 261/14
Shyam Contractor 119/17
Grey Lewis
Takoda Baltunis
--- Open Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Raayan Ahmed
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: Creekside Open 7-5  
Desc: On the first Friday night of every month, there will be a three-round USCF-rated tournament at Creekside Christian Academy, 2455 Mount Carmel Rd, Hampton, GA. 30228. It will be upstairs and will start at 6:00 p.m. It will consist of three (3) rounds of G/30;d5 (game in 30 minutes, five-second delay). There will be three (3) sections: Open - $10 entry fee; U1100 - $10; unrated - free. The Open and U1100 sections will have a cash prize for first place. Based on 30 entries(b/30), Open section 1st $120, U1100 1st $60. The unrated section will have a trophy for first place. This tournament is open to anyone who wants to play. Unrated section, please register through the form listed on the website so that we know how to prepare. There will be onsite registration for both sections, and onsite registration ends at 5:50 p.m. Byes are available for all rounds, Must request before around one, maximum of one bye(.5), 0 point byes available for as many rounds as necessary. Some sets and clocks provided.
Location: 2455 Mount Carmel Rd
Starts: Friday 05 Jul 2024
Ends: Friday 05 Jul 2024
Registration Ends: Friday 05 Jul 2024
Rounds: 3
Organizer Name: Southside Atlanta Chess Club
Organizer eMail: southsideatlantachessclub@gmail.com