Event Registrants for CFCC 2024 AUTUMN OPEN SCHOLASTIC (U1200) *

--- U1200-Scholastic Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes School
Landon Meadors 972 Saint Simons Christian School
Oxford Bates 956 Admiral Farragut Academy
Gnansathvik Reddy Padiri 941 OSHS
Tathva Dronamraju 876/24 Sanford Middle School
Anon Fiskum 764/25 Independent Scholastic Player
Lucas Hall 459/15 Ridgeview Global Studies Academy
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Desc: SCHOLASTIC SCHEDULE (2-Day Only): All rounds: G/60; d5 - Saturday: 11am - 2pm - 5pm, Sunday: 10am - 1:00pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scholastic U1200 Prizes: $213-106-64-21 /U1000 ($64) U800 ($43) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENTRY FEE/ONLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINES: Early: $55 by midnight, September 13, 2024 - Late: $75 until 6pm, September 27, 2024 (when online registration closes) - On-Site Entry Fee: $85 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALL OTHER PLAYERS: See our separate ChessRegister listing to register CLASS D thru MASTER/EXPERT players: https://www.chessregister.com/register?event_key=GYeSAHdO5kglBCMPS0l9l81V04Ucuw73-2nkGVypuPY%3D ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ SIDE EVENTS: Saturday night blitz tournament with prizes ($20 EF/right after 3rd round), free chess lecture (Sunday morning, 9:00am), on-site chess store open during tournament hours. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ BLITZ TOURNAMENT: Please see our separate ChessRegister listing to register for the Saturday night blitz tournament: https://www.chessregister.com/register?event_key=GjxxflBFalHmfZ2r5jDj7M1V04Ucuw73-2nkGVypuPY%3D ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ INFO: copy and paste our tournament page link: https://www.centralflchess.org/cfcc-2024-autumn-open-and-scholastic-weekend-tournament ***************************************************************************************************************************
Location: Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Lake Buena Vista, 13351 State Road 535, Orlando, FL., 32821
Starts: Saturday 28 Sep 2024
Ends: Sunday 29 Sep 2024
Registration Ends: Friday 27 Sep 2024
Rounds: 5
Organizer Name: Central Florida Chess Club
Organizer eMail: info@centralflchess.org