Event Registrants for FIDE - 954Chess FIDE Amateur Circuit (Q2) *

--- Amateur Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Skd Byes
Eric Cooke 2200
Shama Yisrael 2114
Otis Wilson 2092
Melakah Yisrael 1956
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: FIDE - 954Chess FIDE Amateur Circuit (Q2)
Desc: This event is both FIDE and USCF rated. Join the 954Chess FIDE Amateur Circuit on Mondays for our classical FIDE tournament: This is the first of 4 qualifier events after which the top 6 players will compete for our 954Chess FIDE Amateur Championship! This event will be 6 rounds of Swiss format. The tournament will be played under FIDE rules. Entry fee: $125, free entry for GMs, IMs, FMs, WGMs, WIMs and WFMs. Rounds will begin at EXACTLY 7:00pm EST so please be on time! Chess sets, clocks and score-sheets will be provided for all players. The dates for this tournament are as follows: Apr-24, May-1, May-8, May-15, May-22 and June-5. Up to two half point byes are allowed: Arbiter must be notified before round 2 begins. Section may split if 14+ entries. Prizes will be awarded at the end of 4th quarter tournament. The 954Chess FIDE Amateur Champion will receive exclusive awards and prizes! Contact: 954chess@gmail.com
Location: 3701 N University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Starts: Monday 24 Apr 2023
Ends: Monday 05 Jun 2023
Registration Ends: Monday 08 May 2023 3 p.m.
Rounds: 6
Organizer Email: 954Chess