Event Registrants for JACKSONVILLE - Greenwood Scholastic Open (UNRATED) 2018 **

--- K-12 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Advait Nair 15900267 1158 Liberty Pines Academy
Aidan Stinson 16511528 897 Beaches chapel
Luke Butler 16619173 863/05 Greenwood School
Eyal Farber 16384817 807 Homeschool
Joseph Holt 16619167 682/04 Greenwood
Ian Miracle 16619152 628/05 Greenwood School
Tyler Surowiec 16619104 569/05 Greenwood
Gabriel Keiter 16617333 492/05 Julia Landon
Kyle Vance 16619110 272/05 Greenwood
Garrett Gray 16620802 253/05 Greenwood Schoo
Jeff Zaidi 16619063 131/09 Greenwood School
Luis Luna Greenwood School
Luke Groff Greenwood
Preston Horne 16790242 Homeschool
--- K-8 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Vasanth Parthasarathy 16806365 910/04 Fruit Cove Middle School
Hayes Bettman 16511507 561/13 Kirby Smith
Advait Kiran 16444248 481/25 Fruit Cove Middle School
Benjamin Graf 16619078 393/05 Greenwood
Ben Ebner Winkler Home Education
Ian Reber Greenwood
Alastair Jurs James Weldon Johnson College Prep
Jeevan Iyengar liberty pines academy
TJ Eldridge Greenwood
--- K-5 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Jeremy Heberer 16281873 752 Homeschool/Firelight Co-op
Eric Herbst 16620452 425/17 Timberlin Creek Elementary
Catherine Shore 16475786 288/08 Hendricks Avenue
Emma Pedersen 16498800 175/12 Chets Creek
Elle Phillips 16511540 154/12 Chets creek elementary
Yatharth Ingle Chets creek elementary school
Noah Plaien Liberty Pines Academy
William Kelly 20008254 Chet's Creek Elementary
Julian Norris Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Aarav Borkar Chets creek elementary
Alexander Holman Chets Creek Elementary
Mateo Jerome LIberty Pines Academy
Jay Balakumar chets creek elementary
Zachary Pennywitt Chets Creek Elementary
Luka Popic Hendricks Avenue Elementary School
Addison Singer Seaside
Braden Keiter Hendricks Elementary
Andre Salazar Chets Creek Elementary School
--- K-2 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Bavithran Chandrahasan 16484705 700 Twin lakes elementary
Trystan Stinson 16594412 466 Beaches chapel
Michael Lyvers 16444385 282/12 St Mark's Episcopal Day School
Cole Huron 16615494 107/05 San Jose Catholic
Abigail Makeev 16613770 106/08 JCDS
Lindy Heberer 16619303 102/07 Homeschool/Firelight Co-op
Austin Spann Hendricks Elementary
Liam Drake Hendricks Ave Elementary
Lucas Frady 16806350 Providence
Griffin Mickey Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Chase Lockamy Hendricks Ave Elementary
Andrew Makeev JCDS
** Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: JACKSONVILLE - Greenwood Scholastic Open (UNRATED) 2018
Desc: Who: Individual & School Teams (K through 12th-grade students) 4 sections: K-2, K-5, K-8, K-12 – Rounds Swiss System G/25:d5) Awards: Trophies for 1st through 5th Place in each section for individuals. Team trophies are up to 3 places in each section. Must have at least two players from the same school in a section to form a team. Pizza lunch is included for all competitors Time: 8:30am – 2:30 p.m.
Location: The Greenwood School 9920 Regency Square Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225
Starts: Saturday 09 Nov 2019
Ends: Saturday 09 Nov 2019
Registration Ends: Saturday 09 Nov 2019 9 a.m.
Rounds: 5
Organizer Email: ScholasticChess.Org