Event Registrants for Champaign Chess Championship #4 u1500 *

--- u1500 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Benjamin Swinehart 1404/13
Leonardo A Ludaescher 1377
Paul Hanke 1337
Rishi Vikram Shankar 1317
Brandon Lunt 1115
saketh viswanadha 1110
Mykolas Tamonis 1065
Austin Blevins 1060/11
Nikunj Mall 1012/07
Kavinvel Durai Murugan 1000
Jesse Zhang 989/17
Aryan Gosaliya 853/04
Sadhvi Amireddy 848
Arnav Suri 847
Abhinav Chander 836
Krishnaa saai Nalzam 480/24
Raghav Singh Bhadoriya
Phillip Chen
Mark Boland
Sid Rau
Akshad Pai
Tyler Pyznarski
Evan Saebeler
Patrick Smith
Brian McGovern
Mitchell Dahlstrom
Vishvesh Kaushik
Riley Douglas
Kaleb Jordan
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: Champaign Chess Championship #4 u1500  
Desc: u1500 section only. 4th edition of the Champaign Chess Championship. 4 rounds g60d5, Rounds will be at 10-12:30-3:30-6 Feb 10th in the Illini Union Ballroom(2nd floor), 1401 w Green Street. Room 210 will be open for skittles. Entry fee: Open- $20, u1500-$15. You must have a valid USChess Membership to enter. There is a $10 increase in both fees if you sign up on-site. Please do not do this. On-site registrations close at 9:30. If you are under 1500 and you want to play in the open section, there is also a $10 fee. If you are titled: (GM's, WGM's, IM's, WIM's, FM's, WFM's) you will get free entry if signed up by Feb 9th. Please let me know if this applies to you. Prizes: There are prizes for top 3 in each section: Open: $250-100-50 u1500: $120-60-30 Prizes are subject to change at TD's discretion based on number of entries. Extra: Please bring your own sets and clocks. We will not have enough for anyone. If you do not have a uscf membership, you can either purchase it yourself or through the form. If you cannot play all of the rounds, you can elect to take a 1/2 pt bye in the form. You must declare 1/2 pt byes before the start of round 2. Send any and all questions to Rishi Narayanan at rnarayanan72@gmail.com.
Location: Illini Union Ballroom. 1401 W Green Street, Urbana IL 61801
Starts: Saturday 10 Feb 2024
Ends: Saturday 10 Feb 2024
Registration Ends: Saturday 10 Feb 2024
Organizer Name: Rishi Narayanan
Organizer eMail: rnarayanan72@gmail.com