Event Registrants for 29TH SPACE COAST OPEN *

* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Desc: Entry Fee: $124 early bird by 3/30, $144 by 4/26, $154 later, $160 on-site. $20 discount if unrated or under age 18 (discount code: "UNR-UND18"). No mailed entries. Special EF for Brevard County students in K-12 playing in any section: $35 by 4/26, $45 later, $50 on-site. (discount code: "BREVARD"). GMs and IMs free entry if register by 3/30, else $144 from prize. Free entry to past Master Section winners listed here (GM/IMs and past Champions e-mail your name, playing schedule & Byes requested to jon@bocachess.com). Re-entries $70. $10 service charge for refunds. Registration ends ½ hour before 1st round (ends 7 p.m. Friday or 9:30 a.m. Saturday; ½ point Bye available for later entries). For more details: Click on View Event link below.
Location: Melbourne, Florida
Starts: Friday 03 May 2024
Ends: Sunday 05 May 2024
Registration Ends: Thursday 02 May 2024
Rounds: 5
Organizer Email: Space Coast Chess Foundation, Inc.