Event Registrants for MCC Fall Rapid ’23 (Rapid Only) *

--- U1900 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Oscar Luis Nunez 1541
--- U1400 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Santiago Estabridis 1139
John Michael Saunders 1055
Ming Tang 990
Souren Sarkar 424/04
Juan Jorba
Evan Sarkar
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: MCC Fall Rapid ’23 (Rapid Only)  

The Miramar Chess Club will hold a two U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) rated Tournaments. A Rapid 5-round Swiss (G/20+5d) and a Blitz 7-rounds (G/5) tournament for up to 50 players.


This Registration is for RAPID ONLY

PRIZES: (contingent upon 40 entries) RAPID = U1900 (1st $300 + Trophy; 2nd $150 + Medal; 3rd $100 + Medal). U1400 (1st $100 + Trophy;2nd $75 + Medal; 3rd $50 + Medal). BLITZ (1st $200 + Trophy; 2nd $100 + Medal; 3rd $50 + Medal). ***************************************************************

ROUNDS: Rapid 5 rounds. Blitz 7 rounds.

Rapid Round 1 begins at 9:30 am.

Blizt Round 1 begins at 3 :00 pm.


Sections: U1900 and U1400. This is based on USCF Quick Ratings. The registration page only reflects Regular ratings. TD ensures all participants are in compliance of Section requirements. Sections may be merged or changed for pairing purposes. ALL EQUIPMENT WILL BE PROVIDED Parents are NOT allowed to spectate beyond the designated spectators area.


REGISTRATION: ALL PLAYERS must have a valid USCF membership ID# to participate. Non-USCF members can purchase a membership when registering. USCF membership MUST be purchased or renewed before the tournament begins.

No Onsite registration is permitted.



Early Registration

  • Both (Rapid & Blitz) $70 USD until October 15th;
  • For Rapid Only $60.
  • For Blitz Only $20.

Late Registration (After October 15th)

  • Both (Rapid & Blitz) $90 USD After October 15th;
  • For Rapid Only $75.
  • For Blitz Only $35.

Registration closes on October 19th at 5pm EST


Location: Sunset lakes community center (2801 SW 186th Ave, Miramar, FL
Starts: October 22nd @ 8:30am
Ends: October 22nd @ 6:00pm
Registration Ends: Thursday October 19th 2023 5 p.m.
Rounds: Rapid 5 (Swiss) and Blitz 7 (Swiss)
Organizer Email: Roberto@miramarchessclub.org

For more details, visit MiramarChessClub.org

Location: 2801 SW 186th Ave, Miramar, FL
Starts: Sunday 22 Oct 2023
Ends: Sunday 22 Oct 2023
Registration Ends: Thursday 19 Oct 2023
Rounds: 5
Organizer Name: Miramar Chess Club, Inc
Organizer eMail: roberto@miramarchessclub.org