Event Registrants for JACKSONVILLE - 22nd Annual City Scholastic Championship **

--- K-12 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Aron Cheng 16073381 1547 Stanton College Prep
Agrim Kumar 16383244 1096 Jacksonville Beaches Elementry
Luke Lyle 16137694 1083 Fernandina Beach High School
Luke Butler 16619173 863/05 Greenwood School
Aakash Madadi 16253121 785 Stanton College Prep
Kevin Daniel 14375682 704/13 Stanton College Prep
Pranathi Chinthalapani 16393277 694 Allen D. Nease High School
TAREETH REDDY 16393915 681/09 Bartram Trail High School
Yojana Dange 15744868 592 Fruit cove middle school
Tyler Surowiec 16619104 569/05 Greenwood School
Preston Horne 16790242 566/08 Homeschool
Joshua Richard 16606883 435/04 Chess 4US Club
Garrett Gray 16620802 253/05 Greenwood School
Jonathan Chapman 16773872 Nease high school
Luis Luna 16620823 Greenwood School
Jafari Davis 16950110 Chess 4US Club
Robert Reich 16947431 Creekside High School
Jaiden Robinson 16606877 Chess 4US Club
Miykael Yisrael 16950131 Chess 4US Club
--- K-8 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Dominick Dillon 16759904 1258/16 Homeschool
Sukumar Paidi 16098966 1170 JR.TRIPPE Middle school, Vidalia, GA
Aidan Stinson 16511528 1022 Beaches Chapel
Cayman Hogue 16180411 884 Fernandina Beach Middle School
Hayes Bettman 16511507 548/20 Kirby Smith
Gabriel Keiter 16617333 492/05 Landon Middle
Advait Kiran 16444248 472 Fruit Cove Middle School
Isaac Davis 16619318 407/05 5 FLVS
Rishi Chindalur 16613627 403/08 James Weldon Johnson
Benjamin Graf 16619078 393/05 Greenwood School
Pierce Eldridge 16950173 Chess 4US Club
Nigel Eldridge, Jr. 16950167 Chess 4US Club
Ian Reber Greenwood School
Keanu El-Hajjar 16940327 Holy family catholic school
Jesse Coker 16950152 Chess 4US Club
Zach Dimmick 16947473 sjcds
Divine Johnson 16950104 Chess 4US Club
Maanushree Thilak Raj 16740138 Fruit Cove middle school
shrivardhaan bajpayee 16740082 1 James Weldon Johnson
Amman Shahani 16806454 Alice B Landrum Middle School
Luke Groff Greenwood
Alex Hayward 17152341 Camden Middle School
--- K-5 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Kevin Reeves 15534391 911 oak hall
Jeremy Heberer 16281873 767 Homeschool
Graham Glasheen 16475702 693/09 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Maanya Rao 16467702 579 oak hall
Shreyan Mola 16655600 543 oak hall
Brian Ketteringham 16469536 542/09 St. Paul's Catholic School
Connor Ringlehan 16477391 524 oak hall
Eric Herbst 16620452 509 Timberlin Creek Elementary
Martina Celis 16645075 453 oak hall
Grady Wilkins 16475723 401/04 4 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Priya Reddy 16613606 387/09 Liberty Pines Academy
Wyatt Aung 16623280 358/05 PV Rawlings
Vishruth Mereddy 16810775 341/04 Timberlin Creek Elementary
Ava MacDowell 16619021 294/08 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Michael Tomkovich 16620431 273/05 Assumption Catholic school
Madi Bowyer 16593953 190/05 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
William Glidewell 16594020 152/05 San Juan Del Rio Catholic School
Sahana Chokshi 16620191 132/05 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Kalyani Anil 16613743 110/08 Durbin Creek Elementary
Nathaniel Figueroa Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Aarav Borkar 16953366 Chets Creek Elementary
Vedanth Thilak Raj 16740123 Durbin Creek Elementary School
Kevin Qiu 16740150 Chets Creek Elementary
Shivansh Agrawal 16806522 Jax Beach Elementary
Luka Popic 16917253 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Lux Wichterman Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Janisha Reddy Vardhireddy Twin Lakes Elementary
Kade Dixon Chets Creek Elementary
Khayree Lofton Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Aarna Warekar 16806496 Valley Ridge Academy
Tomas Marcilese St. Paul's Catholic School
Imogen Flowers 16887320 4,5 Stockton Elementary
Thomas Ford St. Paul's Catholic School
Jay Balakumar Chets Creek Elementary
Nicholas Dantini Chets Creek Elementary
Avisa Rezaei 16617202 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Kiefer Smith 16948565 River City Science Academy Mandarin
James Kachergus St. Paul's Catholic School
Ben Merritt 16954292 St Paul’s Beaches
Andrew Bobo 16620713 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Jordan Crews Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Ty Hargrove 16740186 J Allen Axson
Isabella Chadbourne Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Sienna Pepera Assumption Catholic School
Briyonna Fisher Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Sam Rabil 1 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Snehith Gayam 16947446 Loretto Elementary
Isabel Bruzos Chets Creek Elementary
Yatharth Ingle 16953737 Chets Creek Elementary
Andrew Winter 16943767 The Bolles SChool
Sushaan Kandukoori 16740227 Jax Beach Elementary
--- K-2 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes School
Bavithran Chandrahasan 16484705 840 Twin Lakes Elementary
Isaac Jayendran 16487382 677 Saint Simons Elementary, SSI, GA
Trystan Stinson 16594412 569 Beaches Chapel
Henry Thomas 16790331 521 oak hall
Saanvi Chinthalapani 16720878 492/04 Timberlin Creek Elementary
Braden Keiter 16617312 444/05 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Athma Reddy 16672933 395 oak hall
Lucas Frady 16806350 330/04 Providence
Meera Jani 16877674 116/11 oak hall
Svara Cherabuddi 16802246 109/07 oak hall
Lindy Heberer 16619303 105/11 Homeschool
Sagar Chokshi 16620185 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Sahasra sai Chilakala 16740102 1 Jax Beach Elementary
jyotirmaya bajpayee 16740061 1 River City Science Academy , Mandarin
Griffin Mickey Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Austin Spann Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Thomas Raymor Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Aadarsh Sundarapandian 16828605 Jacksonville Country Day School
Easton Worsham Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Michael Rodriguez Wards creek Elementary
Ashvanth Balakumar Chets Creek Elementary
Sonam Jani 16948743 oak hall
Tirzah Brinley O2B Kids Fleming Island
reegan anilraj 16874653 5 southside charter school
Simryn Chokshi 16620170 Hendricks Avenue Elementary
** Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: JACKSONVILLE - 22nd Annual City Scholastic Championship
Desc: Brought to you by ScholasticChess.org - All USCF Rated events require all players to have valid USCF ID# to participate. Non-USCF members can purchase a membership or renew expired one via this site during the registration process. ******************************************************************** TOURNAMENT INFO: Five rounds G/25;d5 rated chess in four sections. Check in starts at 8:00am. Round 1 starts at 9:00am. All registration is online. ******************************************************************** AWARDS: TEN trophies in each SECTION for INDIVIDUALS & TOP 5 TEAMS in each section (min. 2 from the same school - HOMESCHOOL CO-OPs eligible). Special underprizes for Low rated and NEW players who distinguish themselves. Medals to Top 3 Metro Jax (Duval, Clay, St Johns, Nassua & Baker) players in each grade level. Commemorative medals for non-award winning participants. ******************************************************************** Lunch Included: Pizza lunch will be served to all participants. ********************************************************************
Location: St. Mark's Ark - 3976 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207
Starts: Saturday 01 Feb 2020
Ends: Saturday 01 Feb 2020
Registration Ends: Saturday 01 Feb 2020 9 a.m.
Rounds: 5
Organizer Email: ScholasticChess.Org