Event Registrants for 2021 Online FL State Rapid Championship **

--- Open Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
FM Corey Acor 12788211 2330
CM Derek Zhang 14081435 2257
Eric Cooke 11180035 2217
Tony Burrus 15226293 2067
Andrew Catlin 12442662 2020
Aniket Shukla 15453565 2008
Paul Leggett 12481864 1786
Grayson Cooke 15001077 1713
Tyler Von Lindenberg 15944424 1702
Avaneesh Gajula 16255745 152/07
Yasiel Diaz 30133024 6
Blake Brown 16468108
Guy Levhar 30125330
Nathan Bekin 30132457
--- U1600 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
Luke Lyle 16137694 1412
Soham Patel 16590246 1334
Vasilii Filosofov 16736373 1308
Peyton Minkley 14882823 1289/20
Agrim Kumar 16383244 1252
Santos Martinez 15762693 1241/06
Rick Anthony 12551725 1211/21
Devin Scanlon 15942297 1161
Riyaan Datta 16915387 973
James McErlain V 15786930 917
Giovanni Fitzgerald 15834435 725/11 4
cole holloway 30128157
Michael Schwerdt 30096250
Diane Trice 30051034
Ashet Kikani 30106418
Carlos Rodriguez 30105628
--- Scholastic Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
Cameron Foles 14086735 1260
Keanu Vogel 15945700 1093
Daniel Fellerhoff 15546257 1089
Reed Joeckel 16102881 922
Bailey Foles 14718573 802
Tiana Semenov 16353788 785
Khrish Patel 30087609 565/05
Christian Frenette 16416910 498
Nevam Bandara 17251990 288/04
Aanya Kumar 16619791 104/09
Utkarsh Yellamilli 30131816
Om Mishra 30019665
Drew Latta 30127925
Nethuki Wijegunawardana 17106190
Pearson Fraser 30125487 3
James Stoutamire 30100757 3
Lithika Wijegunawardana 17106204
** Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: 2021 Online FL State Rapid Championship
Desc: February 27: Florida State Rapid Championship: 6-SS, G/15, at Lichess.org. Prizes: $900/based on 80 entries. Must be on Zoom (use real name) to be eligible for prizes. Three sections: Open, U1600, Scholastic. Prizes: Open $225-100, top U2000 $100, U1800/Unr $75 U1600 $150-75, top U1400 $50, top U1200 $50, Scholastic Amazon Gift Cards: $50-$25 for 1st and 2nd place, Top U750 $25. Digital chess book to top 10 finishers. (USCF Standard rating used for section purposes). Entry fee at chessregister.com: $20 by 2/25, $30 after. Current USCF required for all players and FCA required for all Florida residents (scholastic not applicable). (USCF Membership:(https://secure2.uschess.org/webstore/member.php) FCA membership: (https://floridachess.org/join-us) Round 1 begins: EST 10:00am with a break of five minutes between each round running sequentially. Online Rapid rated (will not affect OTB ratings), USCF Regular ratings used for prizes purposes. $10 service charge for refunds. Top Florida resident gets title of Florida State Rapid Champion! After completing registration on chessregister.com log into lichess.org and request to join the team with your first and last name and USCF ID number. Players need to request to join the team of their associated section: Open Section – FL State Rapid Championship Open Section, U1600 Section - FL State Rapid Championship U1600 Section, Scholastic Section - FL State Rapid Championship Scholastic Section. Once the player is approved for the team you must join the tournament within the team to be paired (this is not automatic). WARNING: YOU MUST JOIN THE TEAM WITH APPROVAL AND THE TOURNAMENT IN ORDER TO BE PAIRED. YOU MUST BE IN ZOOM WITH AN ACTIVE CAMERA (REAR OR SIDE VIEW ANGLE) TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES. WHAT TO DO AFTER REGISTRATION: Read the rules posted about online play: https://www.palmbeachchess.com/florida-chess-tournament-rules 30 minutes before play begins, log into lichess.org and wait on the tournament page for any messages, and wait for your pairing to pop up when play is about to begin. DO NOT LOG OFF or you may not be paired. We will provide the Zoom link to participants through email and in the lichess.org tournament chat. You must be on Zoom, using your real name, to be eligible for prizes.
Location: Lichess.org
Starts: Saturday 27 Feb 2021
Ends: Saturday 27 Feb 2021
Registration Ends: Saturday 27 Feb 2021 7 a.m.
Rounds: 6
Organizer Email: Palm Beach Chess