Event Registrants for 2021 THE VILLAGES 21+ OPEN **

--- Section A 1800 & over Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
Theodore Slade 14904076 2189
Steven Abrahams 12892478 2021
Jeffrey Tobergte 12586131 1894
Miguel Ararat 12828597 1827
--- Section B U1800 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
Tim Roberts 12413116 1781
DAVID RAYMOND 10231841 1700 3
Aaron Straub 13724230 1678/18
Frank Pan 14931171 1670
Herbert Menendez 12573517 1643
Richard Stein 12100710 1615
--- Section C U1600 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
Javier Villar 17215672 1538/15
Gary Burns 11465200 1455
Scott Leslie 12492954 1415
John Jankowsky 16499453 1403
--- Section D U1400 Section ---
Registrant Name USCF ID Rating Skd Byes
Gary Astrologes 12393791 1200
James Lamatina 16123296 1191
Tim Staley 12625534 823
James Tock 17061634 744/08
Gary Meyer 17102730
Peter Ramos 30184465 2
Cole Allen 30167660
** Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: 2021 THE VILLAGES 21+ OPEN
Desc: DATES: JULY 10 - 11, 2021 ************************************************************** OPEN TO PLAYERS 21+ YEARS; NO RESIDENCE RESTRICTIONS ************************************************************** USCF Regular Rated 4-round Swiss Chess Tournament; 4 ROUND SWISS w/ 4 SECTIONS:__ A - 1800 & OVER, B - U1800, C - U1600, D - U1400 ________TIME CONTROLS: G/90; inc./10______ ************************************************************** FORMAT: The only ratings accepted for pairing purposes will be the officially published ratings found in the latest USCF Golden Database as downloaded from their website. One (1) half-point Bye is allowed, but must be requested at least an hour before the respective round. ************************************************************** ROUNDS: Sat. 9:30 AM,1:30 PM Sunday 9:30 AM and 2:00PM ************************************************************** ENTRY FEE: $35 , No On-Site Registration ************************************************************* PRIZES: (Based on 40 Entries) 1800 & Over :1st place $300 2nd $150; U1800: $125; U1600: $100; U1400: $75 ************************************************************** REGISTRATION: Active USCF membership is required. Online entries at www.ChessRegister.com; LIMITED TO FIRST 40 ENTRIES. Registration confirmed upon receipt of paid entry fee. ONLY ADVANCED REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED, THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE REGISTRATION AVAILABLE; Registration deadline Thursday, July 7, 2021 at noon. Mail-in reg. (deadline date July-2-2021): send to Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 ************************************************************** AMENITIES: Wheelchair accessible. Coffee and ice water provided. Refrigerator and microwave available for use. ************************************************************** CONTACT INFO: Mike Moschos 2100 Odessa Circle, The Villages, FL 32162 Phone: 407-497-2261 Email: TheVillagesChessClub@outlook.com ************************************************************** Please bring a clock, set, and board. No computers *************************************************************** Note : Sections may have limitations to the qty. of entries (TBD).Tournament Director reserves the right to combine/modify sections/prizes depending on entries. Updates will be provided as registration proceeds via e-mail. Players can move up to the next section if their USCF rating from the Golden Data Base at the time of the tournament is within 40 points of the next higher section. ************************************************************** COVID-19 PROTOCOLS It is the responsibility of every player to determine the potential risks and participation in over-the-board chess tournaments. Ultimately, it is an individual decision on whether or not to play. Precautionary measures will be in place to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 among players and limited spectators allowed at the event. By registering and attending this event, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume all risk that you may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 • Masks are now optional for vaccinated participants • Based on CDC guidelines we strongly recommend that non-vaccinated participants/others wear masks. • Players need to be prepared for Temperature screening checks using a Digital Thermometer Scanner at the beginning of each round or as needed. • Players/others will not be permitted to congregate outside doors of the playing area. • No Food or Drink is allowed in the Playing room, except for Bottled Water or Liquids in tightly closed containers. Keep your personal items to a minimum. • Cell Phones – Players choosing to bring in cell phones do so at their own risk as tournament staff are unable to watch over them. Cell phones are required to be turned off and placed inside the box provided at the boards. The cell phone shall remain inside the box until the completion of the player’s game. •Hand sanitizers ,wipes and masks will be available throughout playing area, but it is always best if participants bring for their own use. • The tournament playing area will have increased spacing between tables. This ensures as much social distance as reasonably possible between games. Follow CDC guidelines on social distancing. • Clocks and chess pieces must be sanitized by the players starting a new round. • If you have had, experienced, or displayed any symptoms consistent with COVID19, please do NOT attend unless you have been cleared by medical authorities. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, fever, respiratory distress, and shortness of breath. • If you have had any close or direct contact with anyone who is either confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19, please do NOT attend, unless the time has passed when you are no longer at the risk of having it. This normally is more than 14 days prior to the event. This includes close or direct contact with anyone who is experiencing or displaying any symptoms consistent with COVID-19. • Please be familiar with the Florida Department of Health practices concerning recent travel
Location: Laurel Manor Recreation Center,1985 Laurel Manor Drive, The Villages, FL 32162
Starts: Saturday 10 Jul 2021
Ends: Sunday 11 Jul 2021
Registration Ends: Wednesday 07 Jul 2021 noon
Rounds: 4
Organizer Email: The Villages Chess Club