Event Registrants for Gainesville Scholastic Oct 28th QUADS *

--- Under 1200 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes School
Garrick Wu 935 Lincoln Middle
Pradosh Swain 831 Meadowbrook Elementary School
Joel Cardenas 813/12 Lincoln Middle School
Jack Warren Eisenmenger 703 Oak Hall School
Andrew Zhao 651 Kimball Wiles
Jayden Wu 631 Williams Elementary
Ananya Hariharan 480 Florida High (FSU)
Adan Qiu 471 MMS
Ryan Zhang 427/04 Williams Elementary
Alice Ding 235/22 Williams Elementary
Alex Qiu 115/12 MMS
Claire Bian Williams Elementary
Andy Fu Oak Hall School
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: Gainesville Scholastic Oct 28th QUADS  
Desc: Logic Lab's Fall Quads are perfect for players rated under 1200. Gain valuable tournament experience without having to leave town! ************************************************************** USCF Dual-Rated 3-round Quads tournament; All Rounds are Game in 40 minutes with 5 second delay. ************************************************************** SECTIONS: Up to 5 Quads. Players will be ordered by October rating (unofficial ratings may be used) and placed into groups of 4, also known as Quads. ************************************************************** ROUNDS: 1:00PM and then ASAP for each Quad. ************************************************************** ENTRY FEE: $10 by Oct 24th; $15 thereafter. Registration ends Oct 27th at 10pm, or when full. ************************************************************** PRIZES: Winner(s) of each Quad receives a trophy. All other players receive a medal. ************************************************************** REGISTRATION: Active USCF membership is required. Limited to 20 players. The ONLY way to register is online at www.ChessRegister.com. There will be NO on-site registration. ************************************************************** TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER & DIRECTOR: Logic Lab of Gainesville, FL, www.logiclabgainesville.com ************************************************************** Pieces, boards, and clocks will be provided.
Location: Logic Lab, 2321 NW 41st Street, Suite A-2, Gainesville FL
Starts: Saturday 28 Oct 2023
Ends: Saturday 28 Oct 2023
Registration Ends: Friday 27 Oct 2023
Rounds: 3
Organizer Name: Logic Lab of Gainesville
Organizer eMail: bryerson@gmail.com