Event Registrants for Orlando Scholastic Chess (K-12) *

--- grades 6-12 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes School
Joseph Toth 1237 Timberlin creek elementary school
Jaswin Reddy Basireddy gari 1183/21 Hunters creek middle school
prajwal chintamani 1073 carollwood day school
Brandon Leyte-Vidal 995 All saints academy
Gokul Selvakumar 968 Allen D. Nease High School
Thanisha Gopinath 881 Freedom Crossing Academy
Aahan Gupta 749 flvs.net
Laksh Bhogadi 650/25 Orlando Science Middle school
Suvir Aylawadi 595/05 Windermere Prep
Timur Tulegenov 570 Windy Ridge K-8
Karthik Mothukuri 511/05 Horizon West Middle School
Austin Ramsey 463/19 Innovation Middle School
Lucas Hall 436/10 Ridgeview Global Studies Academy
Nikolas Richard 5 Horizon West Middle School
Saanvi Gutala Sunlake Academy of Math and Science
Aziz Zaher Chiles
Pranauv Rajeev Nataraj Sanford Middle School
--- grades K-5 Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes School
Gus Bleakley 865 Audubon Park K-8
Sanjoli Ghosh 739 Goldsboro
Zane Tsai 737 1 Innovation Montessori Ocoee
vijwal reddy chintamani 680 carollwood day school
Mukilan Karthik 669 Heathrow Elementary
Maisie Bleakley 630 Audubon Park K-8
Aarnav Busa 601/14 Castleview elementary
Nikita Mylotskyi 592/09 AUDUBON PARK SCHOOL K-8
Rishik Manas Reddy Basireddygari 530/09 West creek elementary school
Ishaan Adhikari 513/24 Choices In Learning
Ziv Tsai 471 1 Innovation Montessori Ocoee
Navadeep Ayinampudi 466/19 Summerlake Elementary
Catherine Leyte-Vidal 317 All saints academy
Layla Windmiller 279/15 Red Bug Elementary
Vihaan Vikram 260/12 Lake Highland Preparatory School
Inesh Adhikari 253/22 Choices In learning
Jean Liu Florida College Academy
CARSON SHEPPARD Literacy Leadership & Technology Tampa
Krishang Basak Orlando Science Elementary School
Aspen Sinurat homeschool
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: Orlando Scholastic Chess (K-12)  
Desc: 5 Rounds USCF Scholastic (K-12). Time control: G/25;d5. Encouraged to bring your own board and clock. EF: $25 or $40 after March 31, 2024. Alpha & Omega members pay $15. No same day registration. Start time 11.00 am. Rounds: 11 am, 12.15 pm, 1.45 pm, 3pm, 4.15pm. Awards Ceremony - trophies and/or medals will be awarded to all participants at the conclusion of the event; approximately 5:00 pm. ========================================= USCF membership is required - you can register or renew your membership at https://new.uschess.org Contact email valentina@milarealty.com or 407-509-0447 Tourment Director: STEVEN TAVAREZ LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: MEMBERS AND PARENTS OF MINOR AGED MEMBERS ACKNOWLEDGE THEY ARE AWARE OF THE NATURE OF THE ACTIVITY, THAT THERE ARE INHERENT RISKS IN ANY SUCH ACTIVITY, ACCEPT THE RISK OF SAID ACTIVITY AND RELEASE ALPHA AND OMEGA CHESS CLUB FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS FOR PERSONAL INJURIES AND/OR FINANCIAL LOSS. MEMBERS AND PARENTS OF MINOR AGED MEMBERS AUTHORIZE COACHES AND SUPERVISORS OF SPACE COAST CHESS FOUNDATION TO SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR THE PARTICIPANT IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT OR EMERGENCY. PHOTOS TAKEN DURING THIS CLUB ACTIVITIES MAY BE USED FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES AND PAYMENT OF FEES AND PARTICIPATION IN THIS CHESS TOURNAMENT SHALL CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF THIS LIABILITY, MEDICAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC RELEASE.
Location: 7255 Della Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
Starts: Saturday 13 Apr 2024
Ends: Saturday 13 Apr 2024
Registration Ends: Friday 12 Apr 2024
Rounds: 5
Organizer Name: Alpha & Omega Chess Club
Organizer eMail: valentina@milarealty.com