Event Registrants for ChessMinds $20 Classical Quad (CMP) *

--- A Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Olivio De La Torre 1756
Stephen Herreros 1696
--- B Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Daniel Taquechel 1500
Nelson Frioni 1363
Pedro Salas 1299
Anthony Borzillo 1233
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Name: ChessMinds $20 Classical Quad (CMP)  
Desc: Quad Registration for all sections $20. Saturday 1/28/2024 please arrive by 8:45am. G/65 min + 5 sec delay rated. Schedule 1st Round 9am| 2nd Rd 11:15am|Lunch 1:30pm| 3rd Rd 2pm|. 2 Sections available. A section U1551+ and B section U1550-.1st place prize per quad will be a free entry to a future event of the same value. If only 2 players in a quad both players will battle it out in a 3 round match. $10 rated Blitz tournament if 4 or more players interested in playing after the quad is over. The quad and blitz will count towards ChessMinds Quarterly Grand Prix. Please bring chess set, clock and notation. Free coffee and water provided. You can also buy snacks or beverages for a $1 or heat your lunch with our microwave. Club can be chilly bring a jacket or sweater. If any questions feel free to email me at stephenherreroschessminds@gmail.com
Location: 99 NW 183rd St. Suite 207, Miami Gardens Fl, 33169
Starts: Saturday 27 Jan 2024
Ends: Saturday 27 Jan 2024
Registration Ends: Friday 26 Jan 2024
Rounds: 3
Organizer Name: ChessMinds Chess Club (South Florida)
Organizer eMail: stephenherreroschessminds@gmail.com