Event Registrants for PALM BEACH SEPTEMBER ACTION CHESS (G/25;d5) *

--- Open Section ---
Registrant Name Rating Sch Byes
Jonathan Miniello 2044
Peter McQuillan 1807
Eric Ramento 1785
Devin Scanlon 1770
Noam Rothman 1611
Robert Hicks 1555
john lebon 1522
Steve Vurno 1320/15
Trevor Kazaks 818
Nathaniel Austin Rosario 593/20
Mithunsai Saravanan
Gabriel Araujo
* Online registrants only. May not include entries otherwise received (mail, phone, etc.)

Event Summary

Desc: PBC Transparent (2) ************************************************************** This registration is for the Palm Beach Chess ACTION tournament at Habit Burger Grill located 3333 Northlake Boulevard STE 3, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403. ************************************************************** The tournament will consist of 3 games of G/25;5. Round times are sharp: 6:00pm, 7:05pm, 8:10pm. There is one section for this event OPEN. In the event we have more than twelve players the tournament will be split into two sections. The tournament is limited to the first 20 registered players. ************************************************************** Entry fee: $10, Prizes: 1st: 25%, 2nd: 15%, U1800: 10%, U1200: 10%. Prizes paid through PayPal to registration email. All players must be current with their USCF membership in order to compete. Please bring your own equipment for the tournament (chess set & clock). ************************************************************** If you have any questions about this event, prize payout, or registration please email: NMbtillis@gmail.com. Tournament registration closes at 5:30pm in person before the first round. No cellphones can be on a player while their game is in progress. **************************************************************
Location: Habit Burger Grill 3333 Northlake Blvd STE 3, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
Starts: Tuesday 26 Sep 2023
Ends: Tuesday 26 Sep 2023
Registration Ends: Tuesday 26 Sep 2023
Rounds: 3
Organizer Name: Palm Beach Chess
Organizer eMail: nmbtillis@gmail.com